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We don't use templates or cram you into a pre-defined design like some "get on the web in 30 minutes" advertising you may have heard. Hey - we're not knocking them. They are fine for some companies. We just think the cornerstone of your marketing initiatives deserves more than 30 minutes.
Malin Zergiebel,

August's Get Started Special

Summer is in full swing and wooooo weeeee is it hot and muggy here in New England. We're thinking of weekends on the shore, back yard barbeques with friends, and hitting a few on the links. Maybe cranking it back a notch now that the warm weather is here ...

But noooooooo. The Head Curmudgeon here is thinking of ways to get you to sign up for a new web site now.

Why? Because he knows the sooner you get started, the sooner you start to reap the benefits. And the Pointed-Headed-One is all about client benefits.

So what did he come up with this time?

The August Birthday Celebration!!!

Hmmm ... wonder who's birthday it is?

Eight pages for the price of five for any new web site contracted this month. That's a $450 value. Yeee haaaa - that's some birthday present!

Luckily, our accountant talked the Big Elf into limiting it to just the first 28 people who contract a new web site. Whew ... for a minute there, we thought our bonuses were totally toast.

Take advantage NOW of the best deal you'll see all year. But hurry, after the first 28 sites are signed, sanity returns. Good thing he only has one birthday a year.

Head CurmudgeonStart working smarter today and get on the web.
You know you want to - and if you act now, you get a $450 birthday present from the Pointed-Headed One himself. Hey - not a bad way to end the summer.

Fill out our Getting Started form. It's quick and easy and you will be just that much closer to working smarter.

This offer expires after the first 28 web sites are contracted or August 31, whichever comes first. Sure you can wait for next month's offer, but it won't be as good. We think the Fuzzy-Headed-One was suffering from a heat stroke when he came up with this one.

Back to where you came ...  (Don't even think of clicking back without signing up) Halt!

"Thanks for spending the time with George & I ... and we certainly want to pay you for your help - never mind the no-charge visit."
- Dorie P. Sep 2003

[Sorry Dorie, it's part of the service.]

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