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Quick Tip: Instead of cramming all of your organization's info into a yellow-page ad or a 2" column of newspaper space or a 30 second radio spot - how about coming up with an intriguing and compelling headline followed with "see our web site for details"?
Malin Zergiebel,

October's Get Started Special


Happy Halloween!

Autumn is here and we've picked out the perfect pumpkin and have laid in a goodly supply of apple cider. We've lit our torches and have garlic cloves strung around our necks and believe we are as ready as can be for the hobgloblins and spooky things that are sure to soon arrive.



So what's The Head Curmudgeon thinking of?
Why the holidays of course. He has already put up the tree, strung the lights and constantly plays Bing Crosby's White Christmas over and over and over again. And after three or four egg nogs, he starts his annoying "Ho ho hos..." Well... you get the picture.

Why? Because he knows the time to get on the web for this holiday season is NOW! Start thinking holidays and web site now to be a part of this holiday's internet bonanza! As the Big Elf likes to say, "You snooze - you lose."

So what's this month's special?

A holiday themed branded email!

For any new web site contracted this month, we'll get your holiday season started right with a extra branded email with a holiday theme. That's a $300 value and our holiday gift to you.

Use this extra branded email to spruce up your holiday communications to your clients. Let them know about your specials in "oh so festive a way".

Head CurmudgeonAnyone can send text email. Stand out from your competition with this special gift from the Big Elf. Just sign up for a new web site by October 31.

Start working smarter today and get on the web.
You know you want to - and if you act now, you get our extra special holiday themed email.

Fill out our Getting Started form. It's quick and easy and you will be just that much closer to working smarter.

This offer expires October 31. Sure you can wait for next month's offer, but it might not be as good. We think the Fuzzy-Headed One was into the apple cider when he came up with this one.

Back to where you came ... (Don't even think of clicking back without signing up) Halt!

"You are too good! Thank you Malin!"
- Lynn P. Aug 2003

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