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We believe your web site is the corner stone of both your traditional and internet marketing strategies. As such, our designs reflect your organization, both in style and brand.
Malin Zergiebel,

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Feel free to edit an existing page or to create a new one.

You can even upload your own images to see how easy it is. There is a 64k limit imposed on images in this test area and only jpgs and gifs are allowed. There will be no limits (unless you chose to have them) on your actual site.

The username and password is "test" (no quotes).

As this is a test area, it will be periodically cleaned up, so there is no garantee that your masterpiece will be here when you return, but it might be.

Don't forget to click the "save" button (looks like a floppy in the top left tool bar) to publish your work
Close the test screen to return here.

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"I always thought you were the best, but now i know. Thank you for your continued hard work to make Charlies site the best it can be."
- Janet H. June 2003

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